I've only been home a few days and I already feel like I fit right in! My trip home from the hospital was uneventful, and I slept right through it - even though it was my first trip out into this great world of ours.... Peggy and Sharon helped my Mommy carry me to the car, and even helped teach me how to eat! Want to see when I was born?

Lots of really great people sent me some wonderful gifts, including the beautiful flowers you see around me here. Even Kesia (my big sister, though you wouldn't know it, seeing how fuzzy she is) thought they were pretty.

When I was four days old, my Mommy and Daddy took me to church to show me off. Our pastor, James Christoferson, introduced me to everyone and my Daddy held me up for all to see - sorta like Rafiki holding baby Simba up in The Lion King. But then I went back to sleep, with the help of my friend Brooklynn Anderson.

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