Shelby's "Zeroth" Birthday

I finally decided to make my grand entrance! Since my Daddy painted the constellation Aquarius on the ceiling of my room, I thought I'd wait until Pisces to come out (just to show him who's boss!).

I was born on Wednesday, February 19th, 1997, at 5:45 am. Mom was really ready to have me, especially since I started to come out "sunny side up" and gave her really bad back labor the night before. I weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces (not bad for being a day late!) and was 20 inches long.

Some really great people helped us out, like Dr. June Melin (my Mom's OB-GYN), Linda & Tamara at Sharp-Mary Birch, ...

... and my doctor, Dr. Nolan Berman.

How does Renee spell relief? E - P - I - D - U - R - A - L!

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