(photo: 2000 Marine Corps Marathon finisher)

Shane's Window on the Web

Shane and his uncle Ron Haywood [USMC in the late 60s] prepare for the 1999 San Francisco Bay to Breakers)

The 2000 Army Ten-Miler in D.C. ...

... and the 1999 Ten-Miler

The 1998 'Team Boca' Mountain Man Triathlon

Boogie Boardin' at Makaha (on da wes' side, brah)

Exploring the Pali

Working hard...

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When I'm not helping to keep the world safe for Democracy and the
American way, I cruise the web around my favorite links:

Doonesbury's Electronic Town Hall

The Calvin and Hobbes Gallery

Today's Dilbert Comic Strip

The Oakland Athletics' Official Home Page

The Minnesota Vikings

The World Factbook (c/o the CIA )

The Rippingtons, featuring Russ Freeman and Jeff Kashiwa.

Is your Congressman on the Web?

THOMAS: Congress on the Net

The Gear:

Shane's Main Machine: A souped-up Compaq Presario.

(I admit it, I'm a reformed Mac-addict....)

Shane's Constant Companion: 3Com's Palm Vx. After nearly five years and a dozen field deployments with Marines, my venerable HP 200LX Palmtop was lost in action at O'Hare Airport. Even with a screen held together by duct tape, that was still the most versatile handheld around!

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