Road Trip 2001

4,100 miles with a teething 5-month old ...

"The more you travel, the larger your horizons become."

Car seat, port-a-potty and videos: Let's ride!


Aunt Peggy's in Atlanta


Aunt Kathy at our Nashville hotel

St Louis:

Crossing the Mississippi...

Shelby and Renae = two HappyMeals


Uncle Tom with Jarrett

Jarrett, Jake, Ben and Shelby


Gramme and The Bear

Kirk the Godfather

Angie and Jarrett

'Jupe' digs babies

The Easter Bunny came to Mall of America.

Shelby and Caitlyn

Leinietown, Chippewa Falls WI: Beer Heaven


Lincoln Park Zoo on Lake Michigan

Paw Paw, MI:

Kapuna and Aunt Kerry

John and Wanda, and John w/ Jarrett

Breakfast w/ Grandpa

Shane's Great Aunt Lillian, three months before she passed away.

Carlisle, PA:

Shelby and Godmother Lynne in Gettysburg

Shelby at 'The Angle', the center of General Meade's line along Cemetary Ridge (about one mile south of the town of Gettysburg, PA).

Pickett's Charge and Little Round Top

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